Hi! I'm Amy, a wife and dog mom and have a love of creating.  I have always appreciated the notion of a hand written note and have been known to save too many of them. 

AMEdetails is a creative and design studio mainly focusing in calligraphy products. My shop features a collection of wedding invitations and suites, book and address stamps, announcements and framable quotes. Everything I made is custom made with special attention to what you want and love.

About My Shop Name

AMEdetails has something of a history behind the making. When I was young I always thought it would be cool if I married a man who's last name ended in Y and then my initials would spell out my name. Well I am lucky enough to have gotten just that, even though my initials don't quite spell out my first name, when you say my initials out loud they sound out my name! Amy = AM-E

My Story

I can still remember back to elementary school collecting stickers I thought were cool and sticking them in a special notebook. I wanted a way to keep collecting the cool and inspiring things around me.  I have always had an appreciation for the creative world and have never felt settled or happy in my life unless I have had a good balance of something with structure and a creative outlet.

My journey in calligraphy started after a long history of admiring and analyzing people's handwriting around me. I loved how some people's handwriting were so different and unique and I would sometimes work for hours to replicate their 'G' or their 'R'.  Finally a friend asked for help working on her wedding invitations and from there I haven't stopped. Faithful friend after friend and I soon had a business where people trusted me to help design beautiful elements to use in their own lives.

In my home, I focus much more on the creative end involving painting, sewing, knitting and crocheting, making our house a home, hosting friends, chicken keeping, hiking, gardening and cooking. I am currently located in Lexington, Kentucky with my amazing husband and wonderful pup Wesley. We love to travel and have lived in Nevada, Montana and North Dakota as well. 

You can also find me over at Matte Framing.